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  • Tired of asking others to repeat what they are saying!
  • Are your beginning to feel left out and isolated!
  • Have you stopped going places because it is just to much work!
  • Having trouble hearing your loved one's on the phone!
  • Missing important information at work due to understanding difficulties!

We have the solution to your problems at ZOUNDS. Sam Thomasson our founder, engineer and father has revolutionized the hearing aid industry, because of his hearing impaired daughter Kate. Sam has developed 57 exclusive patents that fix the problems that have plagued hearing aid users for years.

Sam has purchased several expensive hearing aids for Kate, priced as much as $7,000.00 but none of them helped Kate hear in the environments she so desperately needed and wanted to hear in.

Top Complaints of Hearing Aid users:

  • "I can not hear in noisy environments." All my aid does is make everything louder and I still cannot understand what people are saying!
  • "Sound quality is bad." My family and friends voices do not sound natural and are not clear and crisp.
  • "My hearing aids whistle and squeal." I can not talk on the phone because my aid squeals. When I get to close to an object like a wall or car door they whistle.
  • "I cannot hear soft sounds " They are drowned out by the loud sounds.
  • "I have to replace the batteries in my aids all the time and it is expensive."
  • "I have no control over my hearing aids." I have to keep going back and getting them adjusted.
  • "My hearing aids cost to much!"



ZOUNDS have solved these problems with our extensive line of hearing aids. We have  hearing aids designed specifically for your hearing loss.


Come in and hear the ZOUNDS difference.

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Zounds Hearing Aids - Your Lasting Solution for Hearing Challenges

Are you afflicted by hearing impairment? Don’t despair. We, at Zounds Hearing Aids, Tulsa offer you the best solutions for enhancing your hearing ability. Now with our help, your embarrassment of asking others to repeat what they said will be a thing of the past. Buy a high quality Tulsa, OK hearing aid from the leader in hearing aids field. We are experts in Tulsa, OK hearing specialist, and offer high quality Tulsa, OK hearing aids for solving your hearing problems. Choose from a wide range of hearing aids including Clarenza, Portenz, and Riazo. We are always at your service to solve all problems related to Tulsa, OK hearing specialist.

Save Money on Batteries

Since our hearing aids are rechargeable, you save money on batteries. Just a minimum time of charging the hearing aid will do for a perfect, clear, and crisp sound. Our Tulsa, OK hearing aid models are remote controlled, and so you will have full control of your own hearing, regardless of the external noise. Our technology includes 57 patents, and our state of the art hearing aid technology is simply outstanding. Your life will never be the same after using our Tulsa, OK hearing aids. You can hear everything crystal clearly and can communicate without any embarrassment. The exceptional features of our programmable digital Tulsa, OK hearing aids include amazing clarity, dynamic feedback cancellation, intuitive noise cancellation, and crystal clear sound.

We also offer Tulsa OK hearing aid repair, free hearing exams, testing and programming. At Zounds Hearing Aids of Tulsa, we offer our customers a 30 day risk free trial period. When you buy from us, you get a premium product at an affordable cost with exceptional customer care. 

Contact us today at 918-619-6888 for further details.

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